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Diamond Works Medspa in Astoria, Queens was created with the patient in mind. Out of the necessity to offer our clientele a smooth, clean, and pleasant experience. With the introduction of injectable aesthetic medicine, patients are choosing the look they want. We want to make that experience as comfortable as possible: free of hassle, swelling, bruising, and all negative stuff that can occur from inexperienced injectors.

We specialize in all aspects of upper and lower face beauty enhancements procedures and specific body treatments.

Dr. Clark consulting with patient


Our unique Diamond Touch Technique®
includes training on some of the most powerful techniques and experienced knowledge necessary to achieve optimal results including:

  • Selecting the right injectable for each patient based on their wants, needs, and goals
  • The architecture of the face, facial muscle anatomy and how to provide the best aesthetic outcomes
  • Advanced techniques that result in consistent, natural-looking, amazing results
  • Knowing and avoiding danger zones and pitfalls
  • Best practices and techniques ( We have removed the older/ antiquated techniques)


All of our medical providers are trained in the arts of atraumatic injection techniques called the Diamond Touch Technique®. Diamond Touch Technique® is designed to greatly reduce the incidences of swelling, bruising, weird results and all things you do not want in your final results.

When you choose a certified Diamond Touch Technique® injector you get peace of mind knowing that you will get amazing, natural-looking results.

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Diamond Works Medspa Podcast

Diamond Works MedSpa Podcast

By Carl Clarke, M.H.S., RPAC.
All things BEAUTIFUL
The determination of happiness lies within our DNA, and our history. What we believe to be true, false, right, wrong, beautiful, or vulgar.
Lets explore. I’m pretty much a realist, that’s all. Over achiever, perfectionist, Anneagram “8” true and true. But now, I’m not interested about being good, just knowledgeable. And, we all want the truth with sprinkles of beauty. I hope to bring you both!

Amazing Results Are at Our Fingertips