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Board-certified physician assistant, Carl Clarke M.H.S, RPA-C has devoted himself to the arts and restoration in aesthetic medicine for over 15 years. He specializes in cosmetic medical treatments that help reduce and reverse the visual signs of aging and give you back control of your appearance.

Dr Carl Clarke signing a document

Education & Experience

A graduate from St. Johns University, Bayley Seton Medical Program, and Saint Francis University, Carl Clarke M.H.S., RPAC have dedicated himself to optimizing patient outcomes “this is the priority”. To achieve predictable and consistent patient outcomes, he formulated a precise treatment protocol that provides patients with the best aesthetic results based on their own unique qualities. As a result, since 2010 he has been a trainer, educator, and speaker for one of the largest aesthetic companies in the U.S.

Carl has undergone several affiliate residential programs in addition to orthopedics, Neurology and Family practice medicine, hand and cosmetic surgery in New York City for 12 years. Carl is licensed in New York, Connecticut, and Florida and affiliated with major academic and training institutes.

The Diamond Touch Technique® is an integral part of our treatment protocols. We have demonstrated the Diamond Touch Technique® for over 10 years to healthcare personnel and aesthetic injectors showing the safety and efficacy of this unique technique. Carl Clarke currently teaches and demonstrates for a medical spa in the tri-state region including states around the country.

Diamond Works Medspa Podcast

Diamond Works MedSpa Podcast

By Carl Clarke, M.H.S., RPAC.
All things BEAUTIFUL
The determination of happiness lies within our DNA, and our history. What we believe to be true, false, right, wrong, beautiful, or vulgar.
Lets explore. I’m pretty much a realist, that’s all. Over achiever, perfectionist, Anneagram “8” true and true. But now, I’m not interested about being good, just knowledgeable. And, we all want the truth with sprinkles of beauty. I hope to bring you both!

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