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Experience the Power of Sculptra Injections in Astoria, NY

Sculptra Dermal Fillers Provided by Diamond Works MedSpa

In Astoria and Queens, NY, Sculptra injections are available to you. At Diamond Works MedSpa, we provide dermal filler services to help you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Over time as your skin ages, it loses collagen as the production process diminishes. This process starts around age 25. When your collagen production stops, the skin loses its fullness and resiliency. Collagen loss is the number one culprit of cosmetic aging issues. At Diamond Works MedSpa, we provide Sculptra injections to help counteract the effects of aging. Sculptra is a dermal filler that activates your skin’s natural power to revitalize collagen production. The result is a more youthful appearance of the skin. At our medspa, our professionals are certified and trained Diamond Touch Technique injectors. When you combine Sculptra with the Diamond Touch Technique, you get incredible, natural-looking results.

Counteract the Cause of Aging With Sculptra Injections

Sculptra injections are one of the many different dermal fillers we offer at our medspa. Sculptra is designed to address to loss of collagen specifically, and it reduces the appearance of unwanted wrinkles while increasing the volume of the skin. Volume is key to ageless beauty. With our Sculptra injections, we can tackle the presence of unwanted lines and collagen loss together. Sculptra treats:

  • Smile Lines — Sculptra addresses the wrinkles and facial lines that extend from the outside of the nose to the edge of the lips.
  • Marionette Lines — The wrinkles or facial lines that surround the mouth’s edges can be smoothed out with Sculptra injections.
  • Chin Wrinkles — The lines and wrinkles that extend from the jawline to the chin are combatted by the power of Sculptra.
  • Hip Dips — The indentation under the hips can be revitalized by the collagen stimulator known as Sculptra for hip dips.
  • Cellulite — Sculptra for cellulite presence can smooth out the skin dimples on your legs, whether on the back of the thigh or above the knee.
  • Sagging Buttocks — Sculptra for the butt can add volume to the buttocks when professionally injected by our Diamond Touch Technique injectors.

Experience the Benefits of a Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra butt lifts are a great alternative to other traditional butt lift methods. Sculptra butt lifts from Diamond Works MedSpa can help increase the volume, size, and roundness of the buttocks without undergoing an invasive procedure. You can experience a natural-looking lift in the buttocks with a Sculptra butt lift. Some other benefits of opting for a Sculptra butt lift include:

  • No Anesthetic Required
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment
  • No Downtime
  • Natural-Looking Results
  • Full, Shapely Look
  • Fast Procedure
  • Stimulates Collagen Production
  • FDA-Approved

The Sculptra Butt Lift Procedure

The Sculptra butt lift procedure is a fairly easy and quick cosmetic procedure. Our Diamond Touch Technique technicians will instruct you to put on a gown for the procedure. We will then ask you to lie down comfortably on your stomach so that your buttocks are facing up. Our provider will clean the area where the injection will be inserted so as to minimize the risk of infection. We will then use sterilized equipment to inject the Sculptra into your buttocks, which only takes a few moments. Our professionals will then bandage the injection sites. There is little to no downtime required after the procedure, so you will be able to get dressed and drive safely home immediately following the injection.

How Does Sculptra for Cellulite Work?

Sculptra for cellulite works very similarly to how Sculptra works on the facial tissue. Sculptra targets the areas where cellulite is present and stimulates collagen production. The restoration of collagen will create a more full look and reduce the presence of dimples on the legs. Our Diamond Touch Technique injectors will first mark each dimple on the leg prior to injecting the Sculptra. Once the areas have been identified, our injectors will use sterilized equipment to inject the Sculptra into each marked area. You may experience some bruising at the injection sites following the procedure, but you will not be required to rest. Once you have received your injections, you can get right back to doing the things you love. The final result of your injections will be smooth, supple, full, and natural-looking skin that you can enjoy for the days to come.

Sculptra Injection FAQs

  • What is Sculptra made of? — The main element that makes up Sculptra is an alpha hydroxy acid called poly-L-acid (PLLA). This substance is safe, synthetic, long-lasting, biocompatible, and biodegradable.
  • Is there any downtime after a Sculptra injection? — There is little to no downtown required after receiving a Sculptra injection. Most patients return to normal activities as soon as the treatment is complete.
  • How many treatments do I need? — Sculptra injections are designed to be a one-time treatment with a series of three to four injections. Each injection should be spaced three weeks apart from one another.
  • How long does Sculptra last? — You will see results gradually over time after receiving your injections, and these results are long-lasting. Patients love Sculptra because they experience a longer result time, which is clinically proven to be up to twenty-five months. Additionally, up to 80% of patients reported still being satisfied with their results past the 25-month mark.
  • How much does a Sculptra butt lift cost? — The price for a Sculptra butt lift varies depending on several factors. The lift can cost, on average, anywhere between $500 and $2,500.

Reach Out to Our Sculptra Injection Professionals Today

Today in Astoria and Queens, NY you can experience Sculptra injections and their powerful results. At our medspa, we provide a variety of injection and skin treatment options. No matter what your skin needs, we can provide it. Sculptra is a great way to revitalize your body’s collagen production in order to reveal smooth, natural-looking skin. Each of our treatments yields quality results that you can see and feel. Reach out to our professional staff members today to schedule a consultation with us.

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