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The medical specialists at Diamond Works MedSpa proudly offer vein removal to clients in Astoria and throughout New York City. We use a non-surgical form of treatment called sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injecting a solution (Asclera®) into the varicose and spider veins to get them to collapse. The number of treatments you’ll require depends on how many veins you want to remove. At our Queens, NY office, we perform our safe and effective treatments using the “Diamond Touch Techniques®.” These techniques reduce the chance of swelling, bruising, or odd results. Sclerotherapy for your varicose and spider veins gives you the satisfaction of eliminating the unsightly roadmaps without enduring the risks and recovery time associated with surgical options. Our staff will gladly explain this treatment and other options for your aesthetic enhancement needs.

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Sclerotherapy Treatment for Vein Removal in Queens, NY
At Diamond Works MedSpa, we want to ensure any treatment you receive is performed safely and reaps the best possible results with minimal or no residual discomfort.


You may wonder how sclerotherapy works and what’s involved when you schedule vein removal, so we’ve summarized the process to keep you informed:

  1. We start with a consultation to discuss your problematic veins and explain the treatment process. Spider veins and varicose veins require professional treatment from a trained medical provider. Before the procedure, we may advise you to avoid lotions or oils.
  2. During sclerotherapy treatment, we’ll have you lie on your back to evaluate the legs. We clean the area receiving treatment and then insert a tiny needle into the vein associated with the procedure. You might feel a pinch as the needle penetrates your skin.
  3. Through the inserted needle, we inject an irritating solution into the vein that affects the vein’s wall lining. During the injection, you might feel tingling, burning, or no sensation at all. This solution will cause the vein to collapse.
  1. After we complete the injection, we will massage the treated area to prevent any more blood from flowing back into the vein. Following your appointment, we may require that you wear compressions stockings or a pad over the treatment area. Some clients might need follow-up treatment so that we can collapse a vein entirely.
  1. After your treatment is complete, you should stay active to avoid any blood clots forming in the area. Sunlight can cause dark spots to form over the treated area, so it’s advisable to stay out of the sun. Tenderness or bruising at the injection site is possible, but standard recovery from this procedure is relatively easy.


Do your varicose and spider veins cause you to cover your legs in embarrassment at the beach or social events? Diamond Works MedSpa will help you restore their beauty with safe and effective sclerotherapy. Give us a call today to discuss getting vein removal at our office.

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