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BOTOX® Cosmetic & DYSPORT® at Diamond Works MedSpa

All Our Injectors are Trained in the Diamond Touch Technique®

We’ve all heard of BOTOX® and DYSPORT® at some point in our lives, but few of us are aware of what these products are actually composed of, allowing them to become the most widely requested and effective injectables of our generation!

In its cosmetic form, the botulinum toxin type-A  (Dysport®/ Botox®/ Xeomin®/ Jeuveau®) is the active ingredient in 4 of the injectable aesthetic wrinkle reducers available in the U.S. At Diamond Works Medspa, we offer multiple types of botulinum toxin type-A in order to treat you with the best type to achieve your goals.

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BOTOX® Injections in Queens & Astoria

Why Diamond Touch Technique®?

For a peace of mind. Knowing that our treatment results will never make you look unnatural, over-filled, or altered is the very reason Diamond Touch Technique®  was created. The choice of products used, the technique used is very important to our consistency and predictability. At Diamond Works Medspa, we are the true artists in our specialty of medicine.

At Diamond Works Medspa, our injectors are trained in the arts of Diamond Touch Technique®  for injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A, which means you get consistent, predictable and amazing results every time.

Botox Injections For Forehead in Queens & Astoria

Why Diamond Touch Technique® for Forehead Lines

The forehead has the largest visible surface area, it can be pronounced like the beautiful Rihanna, or hidden behind your bangs.

Having a smooth forehead does not require you to have a frozen look, you can have a smoother forehead with natural movement.

By strategically placing the toxin at specific points designed by your natural features (landmarks), we can produce any type of treatment result you wish. That is the Diamond Touch Technique®  difference. We can even-out your eyebrows and create more symmetry to them, while keeping the forehead smooth and without lines.

We can also make your forehead soooo visibly smooth that your face will look refreshed and inviting.

One of the biggest mistakes injectors make is over-doing the forehead thus causing the eyebrows to be lowered (heavy brows) on one or both sides or asymmetric eyebrows.

Facial Injection in Astoria

Why Diamond Touch Technique® for Frown Lines?

The Glabella zone, also known as frown lines or 11’s, make up the thickest muscles of the expression face (procerus muscle). These mucles control the medial (in-ward) pull which can create the 11’s we see as we get older.

To treat the Glabella zone successfully every time, key areas of the corrugator muscle and its corresponding tail must be dennervated (relaxed). Only upon locating the landmarks for these muscles you can have consistent good results; this is where Diamond Touch Technique®  comes in handy.

Fun fact: Glabella zone is made up of 5 muscles with varying lengths and shapes.

If you are asked on many occasions if you are worried, stressed or angry and you are not, these are the responsible muscles!

One of the biggest mistakes injectors make is under treating this area thus causing the skin above the brows to twitch or pull unnaturally.

Diamond Touch Technique®  is precise tailored injection points for the Glabellar zone.

No two frown lines are exactly alike, therefore no two treatments can ever be the same. We plot your frown muscles to identify the trajectory of the longitudinal and diagonal pull of the corrugator muscle head pull to effectively soften and/or eliminate the frown lines or 11s.

Botox for Crow's Feet in Queens, NY

Why Diamond Touch Technique® for Crow’s Feet?

The orbicularis muscle creates a circular squeeze on the surrounding skin next to the eyes known as crow’s feet.

To treat the crow’s feet successfully, it is imperative to know where the landmarks are to this circular muscle. The crow’s feet can be mostly upper, middle or mostly lower on the cheeks as well. For consistency and predictability of good results, the Diamond Touch Technique®  allows us to see the muscle activity vividly, thus making the treatment easy and reproductible.

Fun fact: The crow’s feet muscles can lay predominantly over the cheek bones creating cheek lines.

We all love our smile; however, if you do not want to flash the crow’s feet lines each time you smile, stop in for a free consultation. You will be surprised at the ease and efficiency of having them treated.

Types of Botox Injections

BOTOX® Cosmetic

The beginning of aesthetic enhancement was lead by BOTOX® Cosmetic and it has dominated the cosmetic world for over a decade now – helping men and women deal with a variety of wrinkles and lines. Over these many years, BOTOX® Cosmetic has been praised for its effectiveness.

In addition, BOTOX® Cosmetic contains a series of protective proteins, to help ease the skin through the corrective process. The most interesting part about BOTOX® Cosmetic is the plethora of off-label uses and treatments, in addition to wrinkles, BOTOX® Cosmetic has been proven effective.


Created to stand on its own merits, DYSPORT® is the same Botulinum toxin-A as others. A major difference in DYSPORT®, however, lies in its concentration, dosage, and longevity – generally, most experts estimate that DYSPORT® is in a 1 to 2 ratio. Dysport has the highest concentration of active molecules necessary for fast and reliable results that will last the longest in its industry.

Another difference is that DYSPORT® has the fastest onset time off (only 24 hours) of the three formulations – meaning patients can expect results to appear faster. DYSPORT® may be a good choice for those who are looking to first get into injectable neuromodulator treatments and for those who know what to look for and love their results.


Often called the “naked injectable,” XEOMIN® is the purest of all the 3 major neuromodulators. Unlike DYSPORT® and BOTOX®, XEOMIN® doesn’t contain any additives and is the purest form of the botulinum toxin in an injectable. This holds a number of different benefits, the simplest of which being that XEOMIN® doesn’t need to be refrigerated like the other two.

However, there is a trade-off as there are no protective proteins in XEOMIN® and it has the slowest onset time of over 4 days!

Why Should I Come to You for Treatment?

We have been practicing cosmetic injectable treatments for over 15 years years, giving us much more experience than most in treating successfully. All Diamond Works Medspa injectors are trained in the Diamond Touch Technique® which is advanced training in aesthetic medicine; Understanding patient requests, accuracy in placement, variations of results of Botox, facial anatomy and architecture that delivers predictable, consistent and amazing results for everyone.

Our primary goal is to treat you with the results you expect and request with minimal expense and downtime. You will find that our treatment results are paramount, our open appointment schedule (no long waits and usually same or next day appointment availability since we do not practice other specialties alongside aesthetic medicine). Timely scheduling, accessibility, free consultations, regularly posted discounts, concise treatment plans, and great results are what we are all about. It’s time to TAKE BACK CONTROL and Define Your Look!

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Botox FAQs

Why Causes Frown Lines and Wrinkles?

Frown lines and wrinkles are caused by contraction of the underlining muscle which adheres to the skin above. We will eliminate the strength of muscle interaction and significantly reduce these long term lines.

What Else Can Cause Me to Develop These Lines Even Though I am Young and Healthy?

Our daily habits and environmental factors such as sleeping on the face, in-door pollutions: allergies, tobacco, smog/ smoke/ street pollutants, UV-A & UV-B rays from the sun are a few of the other causes of lines developing. Having a genetic component is a major contributor to facial expression lines and premature aging of the skin.

Is There Anything I Need to Tell You Before I Have BOTOX®/DYSPORT® Done?

Yes, we will have a full consultation where we will outline all areas of YOUR concern and point you in the right direction to great results. Diseases like, but not limited to ALS, Myasthenia Gravis or Lambert-Eaton syndrome should be disclosed to us first. Any muscle or nerve disorders you may have must be discussed in full. Pregnancy and breastfeeding will delay your treatment with us until it is safe for you.

Will My Face Be Frozen?

No. Not with us if it is not your request. When you are treated by our experienced medical provider, you should have no frozen expression, however, you should clearly express what look you would like. Some people prefer and request to have certain regions of their faces without expression (frozen) others prefer subtle changes. We will gauge the treatment concentration and location to suit your needs.

Do the Injections Hurt?

It truly depends on the medical provider and the injecting technique. You may feel some discomfort from the tip of the needle only, but in general, our patients have reported that there was little to no pain involved. Sometimes a little application of a topical anesthetic may be applied to relieve the initial prick of the needle, but these procedures are virtually painless in the right hands.

What Should I Do Before the Procedure is Done?
  1. You should come to the office with a full understanding of the procedure and with any written questions you may have thought of.
  2. Arnica tablets can be taken under the tongue to reduce incidences of bruising or a speedier recovery.
  3. You should not consume within 24 hours of the procedure:
    a. Alcohol
    b. (NSAIDs) Ibuprofen, Alleve, Motrin
    c. Blood thinners; Aspirin / Plavix etc
    d. Vitamins, fish oils, etc
What Should I Not Do After the Procedure?
  1. You should not have any facial procedures done immediately to 2 weeks after the BOTOX® / DYSPORT® / XEOMIN® treatments. Examples: facials, massages to the face, masks
  2. Peels
  3. Laser treatment to the face.
  4. Wash or dry you face vigorously
Why Did I Get Some Bruising After My Procedure?

Bruising can occur after any needle procedure. Since it is impossible to locate every blood vessel directly below the skin a chance of bruising will always be likely. Bruising usually lasts on average 4-7 days starting very dark purple then changing to orange, then green, then yellow then fading away.

What is the Cost of  BOTOX®/DYSPORT® /XEOMIN®?

The cost of BOTOX® / DYSPORT® / XEOMIN® should not be given without consultation since more or less may be needed to achieve good results. It’s impossible to know how much of the product an individual will need without seeing them in-person. If anyone gives you a quote over the phone you should be wary and make sure you are getting what you actually pay for. In other words, do your research wisely not only based on price and units. During our consultation, after evaluating your face and discussing your aesthetic goals we can provide you with an exact cost for your treatment.

Are These Treatments Cheaper If I Do Not Need as Much Product?

As you gain a relationship with us, we will always try to give you the best cost per treatment possible. That includes rebates, discounts, referral appreciation savings, and promotional offers. Everyone leaves with something.

When Will I Start to See a Difference?

On average you should start to see a difference from 2-5 days with dysport®, some may be as early as 1-day, others may be as late as 7-10 days*.

How Long Will My Results Last and When Should I Treat Again?

Your results should last on average of 3-5 months*. Some people may experience longer 5- 6 months others may see their results dissipating before the 4-month mark*. However, the effects of BOTOX® / DYSPORT® / XEOMIN® will decline gradually. Approximates: At 1 month: 5-10% movement. At 2 months: 10-20% movement. At 3 months: 20-60% movement, and at 4 months: 60-100% movement. This is the reason you should redo your treatments every 3-4 months.

My Lines are Coming Back Before 4 Months – What Should I Do?

This is not unusual. Muscle activity will start to return after 1-2 months however only slightly and as time proceeds you will notice more activity until the muscle has reached its pre-treatment strength. This is why it is important to retreat between 3-4 months to attempt to atrophy the muscle and allow enough time for the muscles to be trained to not contract or squeeze as much as it did prior to treatment.

Are There Many Side Effects?

Side effects associated with BOTOX® / DYSPORT® / XEOMIN® include localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, redness and or bleeding/ bruising. Many of these side effects are from injection needle use and technique however some may be of unknown origin. It is important to let us know if you are taking any medication and what dosages.

How Soon Can I Have Alcohol After BOTOX®?

You should not consume alcohol up to 48 hours after the injection procedure. A likely effect would be some bruising at the injection sites.

What Should I Do After My Injections?

You should certainly go about your everyday chores and activities, except alcohol consumption. There is no need to rest for a considerable amount of time. As always you should not be sleeping on the face.

Should I Use Any Creams or Take Any Medication for Bruising?

There is no need to, however some patients like the effects of a product called “arnica” which is an over-the-counter product and is supposed to speed up the healing process. Some may prefer to use a little make-up cover-up. In any event, bruising is possible and very temporary.

A Friend of Mine Received an Eyebrow Droop – What is This and Can It Happen to Me?

An eyebrow droop is a result of bad technique or inadvertently administering the product to close to the lower borders of the frontalis muscle. This will cause the muscle to relax further than expected and some individuals with higher laxity in the skin will droop more. So do not be alarmed this is also very temporary and may last from 4-12 weeks. This is another reason to only allow experienced practitioners (MD’s, PA’s, NP’s, RN’s) who inject and treat on a very regular basis, like, (every day) to treat you. If you are interested in only getting a cheaper price for BOTOX® / DYSPORT® / XEOMIN® then there are some of the issues you may encounter if you are not careful.

Amazing Results Are at Our Fingertips