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Sculptra® for Cellulite Reduction in Astoria, Queens

The Safe Way to Reduce Unwanted Cellulite

Traditionally known as a valuable treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, and facial folds, Sculptra® Aesthetic has recently gained popularity as a highly effective treatment for unwanted, unsightly cellulite. Working alongside the body’s natural regenerative process, Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates the body’s production of collagen which is the fibrous protein in the deep dermis that gives structure to skin and supports the functions of elastin and hyaluronic acid (HA). Elastin maintains skin shape and HA cushions lubricate the skin to keep it hydrated. Increasing collagen also increases the presence of elastin and HA. This combination helps fill in skin depressions such as wrinkles, fine lines, and cellulite.

By injecting Sculptra® into the dimpled areas of the skin, where the fascia is pulling the skin towards the body, we can stop cellulite at the source. Upon injection, the Sculptra® formula fills in the dimples, creating smoother skin.

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sculptra for cellulite queens


Over the months following treatment, Sculptra® encourages collagen production in the body that leads to healthier fascia reducing its cellulite-causing effects. Patients will notice optimal results from treatment approximately three months after the initial appointment*.

Patients should expect smoother skin as a result of this treatment. Will results are not visible instantly, they do offer high longevity.

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Sculptra® for Cellulite Reduction FAQs

What is cellulite?

While a harmless skin condition, cellulite dimples are lumpy fat deposits that often appear as dimpled, depressions on areas like the hips, thighs, buttocks, and even the belly. It is often described as having a cottage cheese or orange peel texture. Even though cellulite is made up of fatty deposits, it is often impervious to diet and exercise. While dieting and exercising can help, they are unlikely to remove or even provide a noticeable reduction in cellulite.

How does Sculptra® help with cellulite removal?

Sculptra® Aesthetic contains a biocompatible synthetic acid known as poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA which is naturally absorbed by the body and works by stimulating the production of fresh, new collagen to replenish lost volume (due to aging and other factors) beneath the skin. Sculptra® works the same for cellulite as it does with facial lines and wrinkles. As the body stimulates new collagen it fills up the dimpled, depressions to smooth out the skin to achieve a similar volume of the surrounding skin tissue thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How does it work?

Sculptra® Aesthetic, when injected, stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen gives structure to the skin including skin shape and hydration. The PPLA particles in Sculptra® help cure cellulite by restoring the structure of the skin with increased production of collagen in the area. This results in smoother, more supple skin*.

How long does the process take?

For most patients, each Sculptra® treatment is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes. The size and severity of the cellulite area being treated dictate how long treatment will take. For areas that need more extensive treatment, we may recommend undergoing multiple treatment sessions in order to achieve the desired results.

One of the best parts about Sculptra® Aesthetic is the long-lasting results. In fact, it is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers with results lasting upwards of 2 years*.

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